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"I wanted to take time to write to thank you for the care, compassion and devotion to our family.

I honestly believe that god answered our prayers and delivered us under your care. We are forever grateful to you for your gentle handling of our family, for seeing and responding to the emotional strains parents go through when facing the possibility that their most precious child may be on the Autistic Spectrum.

We are also grateful for the thorough assessment you went through before giving a diagnosis for our Daughter, it has given us time to comprehend Autism to some extent and also given us reassurance that the assessment to conclude that she is on the Spectrum was not a half-hearted or quick assessment but something that took a number of things in to account.

While it still saddens us that our little precious daughter is on the spectrum, with that she also brings us a promise that she can progress as she has shown signs of already. I am sure it will be difficult at times but also know that we wouldn’t have got this far this quickly if we didn’t have you and your team behind us. I am certain with the care and compassion that we will get from your team, our daughter will no doubt achieve many things we prayed she would.

Sincere thanks to you. I am of the belief that people who work for the care for children are nothing less than Angels. God bless you."


"Good evening Dr Kukendra,

Both D and I would like to thank you most sincerely for seeing us last week in clinic and also your persistence in arranging the appointment for K to be seen.

I will keep you informed as and when we hear anything further."

Kind regards,

"I wanted to mention that how impressed the team of consultants were with Dr Kukendra and how quick and super-efficient she was in communicating with them regarding my son and the speed at which the EEG appointment was faxed over. They said to me my son is a very lucky boy to have such a great consultant. I said I know and I can’t begin to tell you how thankful we are that my son is under her care.

Yours sincerely and thanks again"


"Our son was diagnosed in September 2012 with ASD by Dr Kukendra and she has been over seeing his care since. Nothing is too much trouble for Dr Kukendra she is always on hand to answer any questions or offer advice and point you in the right direction of where to get other help from. She takes time to listen you at appointments and takes a genuine interest and care in your child as an individual.

She has been a life line for us on many occasions when we have struggled to get answers or help from others. She has even called me and emailed me when she has been on annual leave that's her dedication to the children she cares for.

We will be very sad to lose her input once our son is no longer eligible for care from the Child Development Centre once he turns 5. Dr Kukendra is very well thought of by all her patients’ parents. She is more than a hidden gem in all our eyes."

"My 22 month old was recently diagnosed with Mild Cerebral Palsy. I had been to see so many people and all missed the diagnosis. I’ve seen a lady doctor, after researching myself, in the Clementine Churchill Hospital, Sudbury Hill, Harrow, HA1 3RX. Her name is Dr Chelvi Kukendra-Rajah and she is fantastic. She diagnosed him in first consultation and referred me to a brilliant physiotherapist. I did go private with BUPA for this consultation and MRI. As Dr Chelvi also work in Hillingdon NHS hospital in a child development centre I took my son there for the physio too."


"Dr. Kukendra has been absolutely perfect in helping me get a proper diagnosis for my grandson where the NHS have failed to do so. She was kind and patient with my boy and I will not hesitate in future to go directly to her for any help I may need.

After years of my son struggling with communication, behaviour.and underachievement at school we finally got the help we needed with Dr Kukendra. She was professional, friendly and thorough and we are now the right track to getting my son the help and support he needs. I highly recommend her.

Dr Kukendrarajah was friendly, professional and thorough. She was able to answer all my questions with patience and reassurance. Many of my previous experiences with medical professionals in relation to my children have been less than satisfactory, but Dr Kukendrarajah demonstrated how healthcare SHOULD work. I thoroughly recommend her.

Dr Kukendra has helped our son be himself, by gaining his confidence back and just being a pleasant 9 year boy without getting frustrated and angry with everyone and everything when given a simple task. Our son is a changed boy; we couldn't thank Dr Kukendra enough.

We visited Dr Kukendra as we had concerns about our son's development, especially when he is reaching the expected milestones for his age. Dr Kukendra is an expert in her field, gave us very valuable feedback, what steps to take next, who to contact, and answered all our questions in great detail. She is a very pleasant person, makes you feel very safe, and helped us a lot. I would very highly recommend her!

Thank you and please do convey our sincere thanks to Dr Kukendra."

Best regards,


"Dr Kukendrarajah recently assessed my daughter and we have been thoroughly impressed with her extremely caring manner. We had seen several other professionals prior to seeing Dr Kukendrarajah and I can honestly say that she has been by far the most caring and the most efficient. She immediately took hold of the situation, advised us and put us in contact with other relevant professionals. There was no time wasted and she kept close contact with us, even phoning out of concern for our daughter. She sent us helpful information packages and has been on hand for advice whenever needed. We feel very confident in Dr Kukendrarajah's knowledge and she has been most professional and caring."


"Dr Kukendra came across not only experienced and knowledgeable but also very supportive and understanding. Waiting times are not long. Also, if there are and queries she is approachable and responds promptly. Overall, a pleasant and reassuring experience."


"Dear DrKukendra 12/03/2015
Thank you very very much for seeing my grandson yesterday, I feel much happier now that I will be getting answers at long last."